Pulling Out All The Stops to Transition a Client’s Technology

Original Motivation

Through Treble One assistance, the client had obtained OEM support and was awarded an Air Force SBIR for advanced coating technology. Treble One worked with Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), the OEM and System Program Office to build advocacy for transition onto a major weapon system platform. However, the qualification & technology insertion timelines became extremely lengthy, and the client needed near-term applications to further mature the technology, obtain development funds, and bring in additional production revenue.


The client is currently entering the qualification stage for two component repair applications with the US Air Force depots in addition to implementation of the technology on the original weapon system. Treble One is leading the effort to secure additional investment funds for repair production capital equipment and scale-up engineering activities.

From this extensive transition of technology, the client is building a portfolio of repair applications, and constantly increasing advocacy to implement the technology at the Air Force depots, and conduct new business development activities with the Army and Navy repair centers.

Treble One’s Role

  • Identified, from its network across the DoD & Industry, a second application for the technology at a US Air Force repair depot.

  • Engaged the point of contact, known from previous tech transition initiatives, and arranged a visit to the depot to meet with the cognizant engineering team. It quickly became apparent that a repair technology would need to be integrated with the client’s coating, to provide a complete solution for the customer.

  • Led the statement of work, budget, proposal, and business development activities to help create a second Phase II SBIR program, focused on development of an integrated coating & repair application, from the initial AFRL Phase I SBIR.

  • Identified a secondary repair technology for potential risk/cost reduction and linked the client up with the repair vendor. The depot customer was very pleased with the additional option and this technology has now become the primary repair method.

  • Assisted the client and government program manager to pursue the Air Force Commercialization Pilot Program (CPP) to obtain qualification funding.

  • Led the initiative to create the statement of work, budget, proposal and advocacy to secure an additional $600k for qualification funding from the CPP program and depot customer.

  • Identified an additional repair opportunity at another Air Force depot and led the effort to secure funding for the repair development/qualification.

Client has continuously retained Treble One since 2005


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