Entering the Military Business Arena from the Commercial Sector

Original Motivation

A small (30 person) business whose entire core business was with the commercial sector hired Treble One because they were keen to expand their focus into the military research arena to create new product lines. The company realized not only that they needed to learn about Air Force cultures and nuances, but also that the Air Force would need to become familiar with the company and its capabilities.


Using Treble One’s proposal preparation assistance and contacts within the OEM community to secure advocacy for their concept, the client submitted a proposal to one Air Force SBIR topic and were selected as the winner. The company then went on to win a Phase II SBIR program to further develop the technology. They were also able to secure a Transition Agreement with the partner OEM allowing them to piggyback on testing opportunities, receive consultation during their research and product development and secure the ability to sell and/or transition their technology to whomever they wish. The client used the information learned from this process to expand into other DoD agencies to go on and win additional SBIR programs.

Treble One’s Role

Initiated and facilitated meetings with the Air Force Technical Point of Contact (TPOC) and other Air Force decision-makers to better understand the wants/needs/requirements of the project.Mentored the client to ensure they developed winning-quality Phase I & Phase II proposals.

Provided the client with insight and language appropriate for the client’s proposal in order to show familiarity with Air Force needs and, most importantly, culture/customs.

Identified the specific OEM involved with the initial development of the topic and helped the client to establish a working relationship with the OEM that cultivated into a Transition Agreement.
Client was subsequently purchased by a larger entity.

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