Cross-Transferring Technology Development between Branches of DoD

Original Motivation

A client was developing technology with the Navy & NASA and wanted to explore and create Air Force interest. The client’s technology would need further development to meet the Air Force’s conditions, so additional funding was desired for this adaptation. The client did not know the “who” (Air Force Technical Points of Contact (TPOCs) and technical community), the “where” (applications where this technology could be applied) or the “how” (necessary steps to transition this technology) so they hired Treble One for guidance.


The client was able to create an Air Force Phase II SBIR program without bidding to any Phase I program. They were able to do this by receiving written endorsement from a high level Senior Executive (civilian general officer) who stated that the technology was needed for Air Force applications. With this approval, the client was able to receive Phase II SBIR funding to adapt their technology to Air Force’s environments and standards. In parallel with this effort, they were also able to create a spin-off program to begin adapting this technology to a flight worthy system. While pursuing these efforts, they were introduced to a DoD working group led by the Air Force that focuses on the particular niche technical area. Through this working group, the client made contacts to transition this technology to other applications.

Treble One’s Role

Introduced the client to the lead Air Force TPOC in charge of this focus area. By establishing this relationship, the client was introduced to the working group from which valuable contacts and additional projects have stemmed.

Identified the high-level Senior Executive support, created the necessary letter of support that was signed by the Senior Executive, which was essential to create a Phase II SBIR effort without a prior program.

Utilized the success of the other DoD programs to initiate a spin off research and development program to begin developing a flight-worthy system.
Client has continuously retained Treble One since 2007.

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