Theodore G Fecke is a retired member of the Senior Executive Service, last serving as the Technical Adviser, Propulsion, Engineering Directorate, Aeronautical Systems Center, Air Force Material Command, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. The directorate provides leadership and support at senior government and industry levels in structural and aerodynamic design, propulsion safety, durability, airworthiness and engine certification. He was the propulsion airworthiness authority for the USAF. He led the USAF Propulsion Center of Excellence of over 450 people representing all engineering aspects.

Mr. Fecke holds a Master's in Material Science from the University of Dayton. He has more than 36 years of experience developing, promoting and applying: advanced materials, life prediction and structural integrity design methods to aircraft engines.  Mr. Fecke has led teams of engineers and scientists in solving critical problems that have ensured the safety of turbine engines.  He is recognized as a leader for his structural integrity expertise in the areas of: advanced materials (TiAl, Composites and DSE), HCF (high cycle fatigue), probabilistic design and life prediction.  Mr. Fecke has provided technical support to a myriad of DOD weapon systems programs. He has helped pioneer the insertion of multiple engine companies’ designs into a common engine, resulting in the acceleration of technology evaluation through the CAESAR (Component and Engine Structural Assessment Research) demonstrator engine program.

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