Creating and Winning an SBIR Topic

Original Motivation

Based on a routine conversation with a Government researcher, it was apparent that the researcher had a well defined idea for a technical pursuit but had not considered how to fund the concept; the laudable idea had thus been put on hold in the researcher’s mind.  Treble One saw the merit in the researcher’s concept and suggested using the SBIR program to issue a topic and seek responses. Treble One then took the crucial initiative to draft a topic because the SBIR deadline for topic submission was fast approaching and the researcher was less likely to create something from nothing in the short time available. Within a day, the researcher had reviewed, and adopted the draft and submitted it for inclusion in the next SBIR Solicitation.


The topic was indeed published, a Treble One client then bid on the topic and was one of 2 companies selected for Phase I funding.  Nine months later, the Treble One client was down-selected for the sole Phase II award.

Treble One’s Role

Treble One’s initiative created an SBIR topic that the technical point of contact (TPOC) was then interested to progress, and a Treble One client not only won $1M of business, but had a springboard from which to launch a new product for transition and receive considerably more funds than just the SBIR seed money.  Sometimes, what can be achieved from just a one hour meeting, followed by the foresight to follow through and draft an SBIR topic, can have profound, beneficial consequences.

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